About Us


Passion | Commitment | Accountability | Integrity

Our focus is to bring wholesome nutrients and simple food to reinvent supplements for dogs and cats for optimal health. Our values lie within taking care of our pets, and helping others take care of theirs. The best way we could achieve this is by "debarking" the myths about supplementing.

PassionWe are passionate about seeing pets healthy, active and a source of tremendous joy for their owners.

CommitmentOur commitment towards raising our pets drives us towards discovering the products we have and more to come.

Accountability We understand that our work directly affects the health of a living being. We take great measures to ensure that every product that we create and which leaves our premises, will aid pet owners and caretakers to keep their pet's healthy.

IntegrityOur strong principles and honesty drive us to provide products that our pawed friends deserve.

Our values are reflected in the products that we have developed, namely:

  • Dog Probiotic and multivitamin supplement 250g - 180 Scoops Per Jar
  • High potency Omega 3 Fish oil With Vitamin E Softgels 180ct
  • Hip & Joint Soft chews - 120 Chews 
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula 32 oz Pump Bottle

All our products offer the best of what any nutritional pet supplements can offer. The nutrients present in our formulas are intended to promote overall health vitality and wellbeing of your furry friends.

With four products already on the list, we are actively working on other products and close to launching more amazing products.

Our team is dedicated to finding better ways of making it easier for pet lovers to take care of their fur babies. We will continue to expand our range of products to ensure our customers have more options to keep up with their pet’s health and wellbeing requirements.