A Healthy Diet for a Happy Dog – Why Good Nutrition is So Important for Your Diet 

May 09, 2018

A Healthy Diet for a Happy Dog – Why Good Nutrition is So Important for Your Diet 

Are you sick of all the dog food advertising and fake promises? Are you really sure that the last fancy package you picked for your dog is actually good for your dog? Are you providing your dogs only the best?

Unfortunately, you cannot really answer these questions until you know what is right or wrong for your dog’s diet. The following are some tips that will help you learn that.

Understand what Your Dog Needs

Your dog may want a lot of things from you, but when it comes to diet, focus on what it needs. As far as food is concerned, your dog needs a majority of meat in the diet, followed by whole grains and vegetables. Keeping that in mind, it is often believed that creating a balance with a 50:40:10 for meat, vegetables and grains is ideal for dogs.

Active dogs may require a bigger serving of food as compared to lazy ones. Also, focus on providing food with maximum nutrition value possible.

Know Your Dog’s Current Health

The history would also help here. Be as informed as you can be about your dog and its dietary patterns. If you have puppies, know that they will need a higher level of minerals and vitamins for good growth and great health. Other factors to consider include age and weight. Nutritional requirements for different dogs’ health conditions and body types will vary accordingly.  Therefore, it is essential that you consult your vet before adjusting your dog to new food or a dietary pattern.

Supplementing Is Important

Sometimes, food is not enough. To ensure your dog is getting the best of nutritional for exceptional health, you should make one move further and provide multivitamin supplements, probiotics, omega-3 fish oil and other high-quality supplement to your dog. Multivitamins and probiotics available at ScruffyPet.com are loaded with more than 44 nutrients to help with a wide range of canine health issues, including gas and diarrhea, yeast infection, bad breath, shedding and itching, and many more.

Stick to the Quantity

Just because you want to see your dog plump, do not risk its life. A plump body does not guarantee great health. In fact, if your dog is overweight, it might be at a higher risk of developing a number of life-threatening diseases including heart diseases, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and severe allergies.

Make sure you are aware of how much you should provide your dog and stick to it. Factors like age, weight, breed, and exercise level are often taking into account to determine the amount of food you should provide your dog.  

Stick to it to ensure your dog is getting exactly the amount of nutrition it requires.

Last but not the least, don’t forget the taste. Like us humans, dogs have taste preferences too. Your dog may be a fan of moist food or dry food or both. Know these preferences before making changes to the diet. You don’t want to put all that effort and work into a nutrition plan that your dog refuses to eat.

Keep these important tips in mind and create a healthy diet for a happy dog!