Worried about your Dog’s health? Here’s How Probiotics and Multivitamins Can Help S

December 18, 2016


It is hard enough to get people to eat healthy meals; it is even harder to get dogs to do it. With people, you can hope to explain to them why a diet consisting of only hamburgers and fries won’t be good for them, but how do you explain that to your dog?

We all love our dogs and want them to stay healthy, but you can’t make a dog eat what it doesn’t want to eat. Sadly, that means that often the animals we love end up without all the vitamins they need. If your dog doesn’t seem to be as healthy as they should be and keeps having medical problems, then you need to look into how you can close the gap between the nutrition and disease fighting capabilities your dog should have and what it has right now.

Why Your Dog’s immune system needs help

A lot of people ignore dog vitamins and probiotics because they figure dogs can sort things out themselves. People think that since dogs can survive out in the wild without any problems, pet dogs should also be easily able to stay healthy eating what they want to eat. The problem with this sort of thinking is that it completely ignores how the immune system works. The immune system is what allows dogs (and other animals, people notwithstanding) to fight simple diseases and stay healthy in a natural way. The problem is that the better care you take of your dog, the worse its immune system will be.

See, the way that immune system develops is through learning. When it is exposed to lightly harmful items, it starts developing immunity for it. This doesn’t mean that you should start giving harmful things to babies and little animals – the immune system works with very small sample sizes taken from the environment. There have been multiple studies which show that children who played in the sand as kids tend to be better at fighting diseases naturally when they grow older. Their immune systems knew what to do when their bodies were infected by harmful substances. Similarly we need health food for dogs to give them the things that they never got due to living in a safe environment.

Why your pet’s immune system needs multivitamins and probiotics

We love our dogs and thus focus on keeping them as safe as possible. We restrict their diet and ensure that whatever we feed then is good for them. Thus their bodies don’t really know what to do when they are inevitably exposed to harmful substances from the environment.

That is why animals living in the wild can stay healthy when your pet animals cannot. Thus, you need to make sure to give their immune system a boost and ensure that they have the necessary probiotics in their body that help them stay healthy.

This is also why the Scruffy Pet team has made this supplement for dogs. It is tasteless and odorless so you can easily sprinkle it on top of your dog’s food without them refusing to eat the food.