Potential Dog Health Problems and How to Avoid Them

May 29, 2018

Potential Dog Health Problems and How to Avoid Them

It’s not a good feeling to see your pet dog suffering and experiencing health problems. These are not only difficult to deal with but also stressful because they are usually irritated and in pain. Some potential health issues can take both your dog and you by surprise. It is important to deal with these health problems quickly and effectively as with time they only tend to become more complicated as well as expensive.

Most importantly, health problems are emotionally devastating for your dog. You cannot just ignore if your dog is not healthy. The following are some potential problems that all dog owners should watch out for. You will be surprised to know that most of these potential health issues are similar to those also experienced by humans.  


Dogs are prone to different allergies. The most common one is allergy to fleas. This allergy can also lead to causing hot spots and other skin infections. Make sure you are giving effective and safe medication to your dog to prevent flea. Also, get your dog examined by a professional vet at least once bi-annually to ensure he is healthy and does not have any allergies.

In case the skin problems expand to causing ear infections or hot spots, the problem could also be with the food. You might want to consider changing your dog’s food to avoid the condition.


Diabetes in dogs is becoming more common with each passing day. Surprisingly, the reasons due to which humans develop diabetes are pretty much the same reasons for dogs. A diet that is based on excessively rich foods, sugar, and fatty ingredients is definitely a major cause behind this. Such food also leads to pancreatic issues that could eventually lead to diabetes. Provide a high-quality, good diet to your dog. Also, ask the vet if you can give any supplements instead of table scrapes to fight the condition.


Another common health problem associated with food. Unfortunately, this problem is not only common but deadly. Canine obesity is the result of overeating and lack of exercise. This is a health condition that may not directly cause death but may lead to a number of other severe diseases such as liver disease, heart disease, cancerous tumors, skin problems, etc. all of these are dangerous and life-threatening if not fixed immediately.

In short, a number of issues can be resolved simply by ensuring that you are providing high quality, good food to your dog and in the right quantity. Pair it with supplements like high potency omega-3 for dogs or dog probiotics available at scruffypet.com and improve your pet health instantly. These nutritional products from ScruffyPet are magical when it comes to improving your dog’s health and overall well being. The FDA approved supplement is designed to ensure you are not compromising on the health of your beloved pet. The right food with right supplements is the best way to provide greatest care to your dog in the form of high quality food.